Effortlessly moving heavy loads

Cranes and hoists are critical for many industries as they make it possible to lift, lower, and move heavy loads. The applications include rotating tower cranes on construction sites, bridge cranes in factories and warehouses, gantry cranes in shipyards and ports, slewing cranes in workshops and production lines, and hydraulic lifts and platforms. The environmental challenges and requirements that the electrical connections in cranes and hoists must meet and adhere to are equally as varied.

Above all, typically high mechanical loads such as traction, compression, abrasion, bending, and torsion must be withstood, particularly by the crane's cables, which must be simultaneously robust and flexible to ensure their reliability in operation. Cranes and hoisting systems are often subjected to wind and weather. This requires the cables being used to be highly resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures. Crane cables also commonly come into contact with oils and aggressive chemicals, and must be resistant to these, as well.

HELUKABEL has a wide range of electrical connection technologies that are specifically designed for use in cranes and hoists. Our portfolio contains windable cables that are especially well suited for applications with repetitive winding and unwinding, which is a common requirement for crane cables. We also offer festoon cables for cranes and hoists, spreader cables for port crane systems, and cable ropes for mining applications. Additionally, HELUKABEL has on offer all of the components you need for installing cables in crane systems, such as control & connection cables, motor, servo, & encoder cables, as well as data, network, & bus cables. We are your specialists with complete system solutions ranging from pre-assembled cables to pre-installed and ready-to-use drag chain systems. When it comes to crane and hoisting technology, we have the ideal solution for any challenge, tailor-made for you.

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