Photovoltaics – Energy With a Future

The demand for electricity from renewable energy sources has been increasing significantly for years - in order to meet this demand, the generation of electricity through photovoltaics is essential. In this process, energy from the sun's rays is converted into electrical energy in solar cells using the photoelectric effect. To make the converted energy usable, solar cells are connected to modules and integrated into photovoltaic systems.

Photovoltaics now accounts for the second-largest share of renewable energy generation in Germany, directly behind wind power. In 2019, almost 30 million tons of carbon dioxide could be saved. This makes photovoltaics a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

The decisive factor in photovoltaic systems is the safe and long-lasting cabling of the individual modules with each other and also the cabling of the elements with the inverter. Due to the sometimes extreme weather conditions outdoors, the highest demands are placed on the cables. For the cabling of solar modules, HELUKABEL offers with the SOLARFLEX brand high-quality cables certified by TÜV. Thanks to special sheathing materials and insulating materials, they are not only flame retardant and halogen-free, but also resistant to ozone, UV, acids and alkalis, hydrolysis and ammonia. Even rodents don't stand a chance, because our SOLARFLEX cables are additionally available with rodent protection.

For the infrastructure cabling of solar parks, HELUKABEL has various ground and medium voltage cables available directly from stock. Our aluminum cables are a lighter and more cost-effective option.

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