Broadband Expansion - The Basis for Digitization

In order for digitization to advance, it must first be ensured that the Internet is available throughout Germany at high transmission rates. This is being carried out under the banner of broadband expansion, which involves laying fiber optic cables throughout Germany.

With this type of cable, large amounts of data can be transferred and loaded more quickly. High-performance broadband networks are the prerequisite for economic growth and are now relevant in many applications and areas of daily life. In addition, broadband Internet has become an important location factor for companies - it makes regions attractive because information and knowledge can be exchanged more quickly.

Our HELUCOM® fibre optic cables offer high transmission speed, low attenuation, no electromagnetic problems, and small dimensions with low weight. The HELUCOM® cables are just as robust as the familiar copper cables and are manufactured in accordance with the standards and regulations of DIN VDE 0888. In fibre optic networks, in addition to the fibre optic cable, the connection technology is of essential importance. The use of pigtails, connecting cables, plugs, couplings, splice boxes and junction boxes makes optical transmission lines complete.

HELUKABEL offers you a cable solution for every application, including pre-assembled fiber optic cables. We realize assemblies with all common plug and cable types at short notice. This plug and play system saves you investments for tools and installation time. To round off your network, we have developed a large selection of products for you. The name HELUCOM CONNECTING SYSTEMS stands for highest product quality and economic efficiency.

We look forward to assisting you in identifying the best products for your specific application and to answer any questions you might have.
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