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Networked sensors and actuators have long been standard in cars. In residential and public buildings, there is often still a need to catch up due to their long service life. But an "intelligent house" is no longer a technical challenge.
HELUKABEL offers the right products for this. Whether in private homes or public buildings - an intelligent networking of all technical devices should not only make everyday life easier for the residents, but also provide improvements in the areas of security, energy efficiency, operating costs and flexibility of use. From light switches and dimmers to motion detectors, temperature regulators and blind controls, from heating control to alarm systems - the various technical devices in the building are automatically networked via sensor-actuator sensors and yet remain individually controllable.

The so-called bus technology according to the EIB/KNX standard is used in particular. All sensors and actuators in the building are connected via a telephone line to exchange information. With the bus cable "E-Bus/KNX", HELUKABEL offers a suitable solution in various core cross-sections and outer sheath materials, which guarantees perfect communication in accordance with EIB/KNX guidelines. The cable can be laid on, in and under plaster as well as in dry or damp rooms - outdoors only with a special cable construction. It is also flame-retardant and is also available as a halogen-free version for public buildings.

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