Cables and Wires for Electromobility

The current topics of energy system transformation and climate change are also accompanied by the idea of climate-friendly mobility. Electromobility in particular has emerged as the key to CO2 reduction in transport and traffic, as electric vehicles generate significantly less CO2 than previous means of transport. Especially in combination with regeneratively generated electricity, e-mobility will be a central element of our future resource-saving lifestyle.
In order to maintain its position in the world market, an entire industry will have to rethink. It calls for major innovations in the vehicles themselves and their drives as well as in the infrastructure of charging stations and power grids.

HELUKABEL is supporting this change with the HELUPOWER® series, the versatile charging cables for direct and alternating current. Use for charging electric vehicles at public charging stations such as parking lots, near freeways or in garages is just as guaranteed as charging at the private socket. Due to the integrated UV and oil resistance a reliable charging process is possible both indoors and outdoors.

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