Our Shipping – Fast, Competent & Reliable

On this page you will find all shipping times and costs.

Shipping on the day of order and delivery within 24 hours

  • Standard and bearing lengths: For orders accepted before 4pm
  • Cutting lengths: For orders accepted until 1:30pm

Delivery the following day and delivery within 24 hours

  • Cutting lengths: if order is accepted after 1:30pm

National scheduled delivery for parcel and forwarding services from Hemmingen, Neuenhagen and Pleißa

  • In addition to the normal freight charges "free delivered" or "freight forward", the costs for the respective types of scheduled delivery are added to the costs listed below.
 Delivery the next day until 8amDelivery the next day until 10amDelivery the next day until 12pmDelivery the next daySaturday Delivery
Express 8
Express 10
Express 12
until 12pm
up to 40120,00100,0070,0050,00100,00
up to 100130,00100,0070,0050,00on demand
up to 500150,00120,0090,0050,00on demand
up to 1,000180,00130,0090,0050,00on demand
up to 1,500210,00150,00110,0050,00on demand
up to 2,500300,00200,00130,0050,00on demand
The above mentioned costs apply per shipment. Special regulations according to possibilities and agreement.